Analysing time-series of Quandl

Quandl & Rapporter

2013/11/16 12:40:22 PM


Analysing Oil, Gold, and Stocks downloaded from Quandl in 3.91 seconds with the following original description:

Comparison of oil, gold and stock markets. USD.


This daily dataset contains 16329 rows and 4 columns with the overall number of 65316 records. As the dataset is made of several variables to analyse, please choose and click on one from the below list for futher univariate analysis:


Until then, let us check a line chart of the dataset:

There can be seen the 3 variables on the vertical axis based on the date shown on the horizontal axis.


Pair-wise cross-correlation

We can compare the above visualized time-series for relationships between those by the cross-correlation function that is basically a simple Pearson correlation estimate when the lag is 0. The negative and positive numbers on the x axis below shows a lag or delay on a daily basis, which means that we are looking for a possible temporal effect between the variables.


Oil and Gold

It seems that the cross-correlation estimate for Oil and Gold is maximum at lag -2 being 0.92. So it seems that Oil and Gold are correlated.

Gold and S&P500

It seems that the cross-correlation estimate for Gold and S&P500 is maximum at lag 0 being 0.63. So it seems that Gold and S&P500 are correlated.