Reporting and data analysis platform and service in the cloud

Hu Uk

    Non-technical users can generate lucid reports with a single click and wizards, expert clients have the option to fine-tune the results or even implement new statistical methods right in the browser.


    SSL technology guarantees encrypted connection to our highly secured computational environment with multiple levels of firewalls, user permissions and code execution rules in custom sandbox.


    Analyse datasets and edit reports on Windows, Mac, Linux or even on your iPad, as all computations are running in the cloud that provides a safe and scalable environment for data access.


    Our intuitive front-end ensures low training costs and really quick access to prime necessity information without the need for hiring and paying to professional data scientist and analysts.

Reporting features

  • Dynamic text

    Let it be a quick report, executive summary or a 500-paged statement of facts - it's really easy to generate valuable and clear texts and annotations with a few clicks.

  • References

    Automatically make a note of the used statistical methods, datasets and parameters to bring fully reproducible, even complex reports to everyday's life.

  • Tables

    Summarize your data and the results of any statistical tests in styled and elegant tables available in personalized color themes and designs optimized for printing or on-screen view.

  • Charts

    Choose from the widest variety of available plot options and generate pixel-ready result available to download in various file formats with predefined color palettes.

  • Maps and other images

    Visualize spatial data on thematic maps, and add e.g. company logo to each page of the report. Interactive, JavaScript driven charts will be also available on demand.

  • Share

    Export the resulting document in various file formats or share the reports, templates and data sources online with collaborators for improved efficiency.

Featured examples of Rapporter usage

  • Stock exchange

    Analysing financial data fetched from public providers and identifying trends, seasonal characteristics and other statistical models with even predictions.

  • Dialect maps

    Visualizing geospatial survey-data with other online tools like Google Maps and returning an executive summary on different parts of the United Kingdom.

  • NBA team structure

    Compare sportmans based on long-term characteristics, identify similar players and present the background statistics in an assimilable form.